Cst. Brian Mitchell - 2017 Nominee

I would like to nominate Constable Brian Mitchell of York Regional Police.

Brian is a compassionate, hardworking individual who is always putting others before himself. Brian takes pride in being an openly gay officer who has played a large role in raising awareness of the LGBT community that lives within the policing community. Being President of the organization Serving With Pride, Brian has made it possible for others that were nervous of coming out to their brothers and sisters in blue easier by running events and seminars to assist with any questions or struggles that one may encounter.

Brian is a Hero because he has given people of the LGBT community the strength and courage to be proud of who they are, and do what they were afraid to do... to be themselves.

I nominate Constable Brian Mitchell for being an outstanding member of the community, a positive leader, and most of all a person everyone should truly look up to. 

Tyler Brown