Cst. Bill Aragian - Nomination 2

While off duty at Cameron Speed in Hamilton with his family, Cst Aragian observed a young girl fall from a rock climbing wall and hit her head on the concrete. Without hesitation Cst Aragian climbed over the fence and ran to help her. She went into convulsions and was having difficulty breathing. 

Cst Aragian took control and directed an onlooker to call 911. He stabilized her head and neck as she started to stir and move around. She went unconscious again and began to convulse. Cst Aragian called to her family that were present but could offer no explanation to what may have caused this. Suddenly she stopped breathing. Her mouth dropped open and Cst Aragian could see that her tongue was swollen and blue. She had a feint pulse but was not breathing at all. Cst Aragian began to do artificial respiration and was able to bring her around. She stabilized until Ambulance arrived. After extensive testing at McMaster University Hospital it was determined that she had an undiagnosed heart condition and in fact had a heart attack. If it wasn't for Cst Aragian that young girl would have likely died. Cst Aragian was recognised by the Brantford Police Service with an award however I feel that the public should know about incidents like these to help them understand that we are never off duty and always do our best to protect and serve our communities. - Keli Corpse, Brantford