Constable Chapman - Nomination

To: Constable Chapman (badge: 2540) 12 Division.

In short, at approximately 1530 on November 14th 2015, Constable Chapman responded to one of our shop theft calls at the 1500 Dundas St East Walmart, upon arriving the individual who was presently apprehended began to become aggressive against himself and proceeded to cut his own wrists. Constable Chapman selflessly disengaged the situation and the individual who was cutting himself, but primarily making sure that the individual under arrest wouldn't inflict any more harm to himself but he also made sure that this individual wasn't going to hurt or attack Loss Prevention. - Tyler Brown, Peel Region

His heroic acts and quick response were the result of the individual under arrest not taking his own life, and if he wasn't there to end the situation it could've ended in an extremely worse situation. We are extremely greatful for what Constable Chapman did on that day and on behalf of all the Loss Prevention we are greatful for what Constable Chapman does on a day to day basis.