Chad Johnson - Nomination

I have had interactions and conversations with Constable Johnson over the past year. He is an incredibly friendly and well presented individual. Despite having incredibly busy days, many interactions, and lots of individuals to remember. 

Constable Johnson has always remembered me from around the University Campus, and takes time out of his day to stop and talk with me. Through his taking time to stop and talk to me, he has then met other individuals around the town and the University. Constable Johnson always carries himself with a positive attitude and a very upbeat demeanour. I feel that this positive attitude and image of a local police force qualifies him as a hero, along with others that present these qualities. This positive image of police forces in needed more and more across Ontario, it all starts with one officer in each department, and I believe that Constable Johnson is the officer in this department that will create this positive change. - David Parsons, Brantford