Chabine Tucker

I nominate Sergeant Chabine Tucker from the Ottawa Police Service, for many reasons, mainly his commitment for the City of Ottawa, and its communities. Chabine is definitely a community role model, an inspiration, a great motivator, and a mentor. Chabine is also the team lead of the OPS Hoopstars. He gave me the opportunity to volunteer with the Hoopstars organization, and be more engaged within my community. 

Chabine and the Hoopstars’ members are committed to engaging and building sustainable relationships within the many diverse communities that make up the City of Ottawa by playing a game of basketball with youth or even just having personal one-on-one discussions, and many more great things. When I become a police officer, I’ll aspire to be the kind of police officer he is, serving my beautiful city, and its people. Thank you for your hard work.

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