Casey MacGregor

As principal of a Secondary School, I have had the pleasure of working closely with Cornwall's Constable Casey MacGregor these past several years, and the photo included with this submission speaks volumes to Casey's true character. Casey is a cheerleader and champion for our community youth! As principal, I have witnessed Constable MacGregor go above and beyond his role as a police officer, to become a mentor, positive role model and caregiver to some of our neediest and most vulnerable students. 

Casey makes all students feel valued and appreciated. He lifts them up, sometimes literally, and helps them find the resources and tools to stand on their own two feet. Constable MacGregor is that perfect balance of compassion and structure, and he meets students where they are at and gives them the confidence to become their best version of themselves. While Casey works closely with the youth in his care, he plays a crucial role in the educational programming for the students, participating in all meetings for school. He creates a supportive link between the school and community agencies. Casey puts great effort into helping students further develop their independence, and fosters transitions to the workforce to help students become positive, contributing members of the local community. Students ask for Casey often, not only when they are in crisis, but also when they have something to celebrate. He plays an active role in school celebrations and graduations, and the students take great pride in sharing their accomplishments with Constable MacGregor. For all these reasons and for the many others that happen daily behind the scenes, I would like to present this deserving nomination. Let's celebrate someone who advocates daily for all of us to look beyond the limitations and barriers facing our youth, with an open mind and a caring heart. Thank you, Constable MacGregor.