Cale Armstrong - 2017 Nominee

I would like to nominate my husband, Cale Armstrong, for the Police Hero award. Although he is our hero everyday, there are stories that most people do not know. A couple of my favourites are as follows.

One day Cale was on patrol and helped a new Mom in her apartment with some issues. After he dealt with the issues at hand, he noticed that the new baby's crib was not yet together. He quickly put it together so that Mom had a safe place to put her baby in. On his way out of the apartment, he noticed that the stairs were icy. With his own money he went to the store on his way home and bought salt. He put it on her stairs and never said a word. He was concerned she would fall with the baby. 

Cale Armstrong is not only a hero to his family, but to the Windsor community. 

Another time, he was driving on patrol and thought he saw smoke. Sure enough, a multi-unit housing group was on fire. After notifying the fire department, he rushed to the houses and got families out. He ran through the houses carrying one kid in each arm. The families survived because of his quick response. No one even realized his efforts. He would say this is just part of the job. 

These are only two incidents that I know of to share (twice Cale has been in uniform and Spotted Windsor referred to a heroic or kind act that he did), but I think there are probably a lot more acts of kindness that this hero has done.