Brian Mitchell (3)

I am proud to nominate an inspiring young constable Brian Mitchell. The reason why i wrote "young" is that as police officer in his first decade of service Brian has exemplifies the best of the profession and exceeds what one could expect of someone at the beginning of their career.

His leadership in the Pride network of police officers is wise and competent beyond his age or years in service. At a time in their careers when officers are simply trying to focus on the best they can do on the job, Brian not only does that but goes beyond the hours on the job and takes on the responsibility of leading this important organization. His group not only bridges the LGBT community to the police and vice versa but aims to support those officers in the province who identity as LGBT.

This is a courageous act of leadership in a non-traditionally allied group of professionals. Brian's efforts to wipe away discrimination and foster an environment of inclusion can only make police services stronger and more reflective of the diversity of the province. For these reasons Brian is certainly a police hero.