Brendan Johnston, Lindsay Police Service

Sergeant Brendan Johnston is my Police Hero. When my husband Constable Mike Broderick #71 died by suicide on November 5, 2021, it hit all of us really hard including myself, our family, our community and the Kawartha Lakes Police Service family. My husband was a very well liked man who was very respected by all who knew him. Much like Sergeant Brendan Johnston, my husband had become very close over the years and confided and looked up to Brendan just like a lot of the other staff of the Kawartha Lakes Police Service. He is that person that everyone seems to go to and for everyone that knows Brendan, he would do anything in his power to help. There is something to say about Brendan's character. He is smart, kind, down to earth, respectful as much as he is respected by others, thoughtful, past president of the Kawartha Lakes Police Association and now still part of the Police Association of Kawartha Lakes, and he goes above and beyond. Speaking of going above and beyond, this is what brings me to nominating Sergeant Brendan Johnston for this specific Police Hero Award. He stands out. Brendan helped search for my husband when I was worried that day. I knew in my heart something horrible happened and Brendan was honest with me and did what he needed to do on his end. He was not working that day but dropped everything and went to work and started a search for my husband while dealing with me on the side, with kindred perfection. Unfortunately, the outcome was not what we all wished for and again along with the Chief, President of the Police Association of Kawartha Lakes, and Brendan had the unthinkable task of coming to my door that night to tell me that my husband was gone. Then we all drove together to tell his mother and support her in any way. Sergeant Brendan Johnston has shown me and my family so much support. Phone calls/texts to check up on us, he organized for him and a few other officers to come and put up my Outdoor Christmas Lights, and when I wanted to come see my husbands "Memorial Wall" the fellow officers/staff had created Brendan took it upon himself to offer his free time and be there for me and my family members to take us in to see the "Memorial Wall" at different times. Please note as well that the "Memorial Wall" had such significance because it was also the place where my husband died. Knowing this, Brendan reached out to a specialist and talked to him about the family coming in and how to best explain and manage taking us all in to see it. He personally, arranged for Victim Services to be there present again and sat me down and we had about a half hour conversation about what to expect, the specialist said not to be in there for too long for example and Brendan really went out of his way to make sure we would all be okay. Sergeant Brendan Johnston still continues to check on myself and my family. I honestly don't know what I would have done without his help and support during all of this, and being mindful that he was really close with my husband and I know this tragic death has affected him as well. He put his own needs aside and helped a family in need. Sergeant Brendan Johnston is my Police Hero.