Brandon Nunney, Ontario Provincial Police

In August 2020, my daughter's fiancé was killed in a car accident. When my daughter and I arrived on scene and were told that her fiancé was deceased, Officer Brandon Nunney stayed by her side the whole time. I know that he was doing his job just like every other officer, but this was different. I knew I could trust him to sit with her while I called our family. If we have any questions or just wanted to have some reassurance, I could contact him at any time and he always replies. My daughter's fiancé's name was also Brandon. It felt like Brandon Nunney was sent to us to watch over my daughter. He has a heart of gold. I want to nominate him to know how much we appreciate him, how much I have respect for him and to thank him for being there for us during this tragedy. He deserves to be shown as a hero, as he was for me that day.

After we found out that the person who killed Brandon was found guilty, Officer Nunney called to let us know how happy he is for us. He said that my daughter and her family have never left his thoughts and that if there is anything he could do for us, to please make sure that we call him no matter what. He is also making sure that my daughter is getting help from Brandon Huron County Victim Services.

All of this is why Officer Nunney needs to be nominated. He has a huge caring heart and deserves to be honored for that.