Cst. Anthony Hampton - Kingston Police Service

In the summer of 2023, I all my ID was stolen by a notorious ID thief and multiple repeat offender.

I worked closely with Detective Constable Anthony Hampton to submit reports of my account activities to the online KPF reporting website.

The ID thief was incredibly prolific. He used my stolen ID and others' IDs to defraud various institutions in Kingston (banks, telcos, etc.) by taking control of our accounts.

I was extremely impressed by Detective Constable Hampton's excellent and swift guidance, which led to not only a speedy arrest of the perpetrator but an even swifter conviction and sentencing.

Anthony buried him under a pile of evidence (some of which came in after the arrest) with his extraordinary attention to detail, thoroughness, and follow-through.

The perpetrator is now serving two years in our Federal Penitentiary system.

When people ask me what my summer was like, I tell them it was like an episode of Batman. Even though the fraudster traumatized me, Anthony kept me focused on reporting the account activity.

He made the experience fun and even exciting - most importantly, cathartic and healing in its swift and satisfying delivery of justice.

I wish I could also nominate all the others involved in this heroic conclusion, especially Detective Silver and the arresting Constables. Also, the Judges and Court Staff for obtaining a swift conviction and the Penitentiary Staff who are keeping this fraudster out of circulation.