Andrew Mintz

I work for 7-Eleven located in Downtown Brampton. We have a bunch of homeless people in the area. As our business is operated 24/7, nights are hard to deal with. One night, we had a well-known homeless individual in our store. He wanted to have a nap by lying in the middle of store. We have made calls to the police several times about this individual for assistance in getting him out of the store. During one of the calls, we had Peel Regional Police Cst. Andrew Mintz respond. 

This homeless individual used to be violent when seeing cops and would start yelling, but the way Cst. Mintz dealt with him was above and beyond. Instead of using physical force, he calmed him down, advised him that this is not the right place to sleep, asked him to sleep somewhere down the street, and said no cops would trouble him till day comes up. This individual was unfortunately a headache to our business and all residents in neighbourhood. Thank you, Andrew, for your service to the community - you are real hero when in need. Thank you for responding when we were in need of assistance. Thank you for going above and beyond.