Andrew Arbic (1)

Constable Andrew Abic works closely with the community children/adolescents and their families. He offers support, encouragement and resources. He is kind and genuinely caring towards all no matter how difficult the situation. He has been a true role model for my 2 boys who are both on the spectrum for 3-4 years now. He has been there to calmly and effectively calm them and myself during many of their "meltdowns" or "outbursts" and does so in a way that cannot be taught in any school or text book. 

He genuinely cares about every child and family he comes in contact with. He has surprised us at home many times with pop in visits to see how we are doing and always leaving behind some coupons for treats at Dairy Queen. His caring nature is warm. You can often see him in local schools chatting with the children and you know that every child looks up to him. He is always willing to help families and their children in any way he can. Not because he has to but because he wants to! Constable Arbic deserves a super hero cape!