Amy Finn (6)

I raised my granddaughter...when she was 6, my ex-husband decided he wasn't willing to be a part of it and we had a hard split, which involved police. This put a scare into my granddaughter's life. She attended the same daycare as Amy's twin boys so she frequently saw Amy in uniform.

Our first Christmas alone, my granddaughter was chosen to attend Shop with a Cop through a monthly meeting called Kinship.
I never told her about it, but when we got to the mall in the early morning, she froze to see all the police. We walked in I explained what was happening and she wanted no part of it. Then from amongst the hundreds of people, she heard her name "Diamond!"
It was Amy - and Diamonds ran towards her.

This lady has a huge heart. Diamond did not get to shop with Amy but she apparently saw her throughout WalMart and Amy responded which made the experience a huge success. After the shopping, they wrapped gifts and had a fun day. Diamond mentioned Amy's funniness and I knew she was looking out for my girl. Today Diamond is 12 and we see Amy in the field or in the community. Never goes unnoticed...Amy is a true beauty.