Adam Metcalf

This nomination is being submitted on behalf of a young teen and her mom. The teen joined our Me to We: Going Local Group five years ago, and continues to participate in the program. She is now 17 years old. Here is her story and nomination… “I would like to nominate Constable Adam Metcalf, with the Waterloo Regional Police Services, as my Police Service Hero. When I was 13 years old, I witnessed a police-involved shooting in my neighbourhood involving someone struggling with mental illness...

...I developed a fear and negative attitude towards the police. I was scared, resisted and pushed away any type of help or attempt at a relationship with the Police.

When I first met Adam, I wanted nothing to do with him. I didn’t want to talk to him or be anywhere near him. I was scared of cops and hated all of them – because of the incident that happened with cops on my street. Adam tried everything – he took his time with me, met with me, checked in on me and was kind to me. He didn’t judge me or pressure me to talk to him. I slowly started opening up to Adam and was able to look at him and tell him my fears.

The shooting scared me to death because I have a younger brother, who weighs over 200 pounds, and who also struggles with mental illness. He sometimes gets violent towards my mom and me. I carried this worry and fear inside me for 5 years and pushed everyone away. My mom and I dealt with my brother’s outbursts on our own for many years. However, this year, it got really bad.

My mom was confined and hurt – and I couldn’t get to her or see her. I had to call 911 and speak to the police on my own. My BIGGEST FEAR became my reality. Everything went exactly as Adam told me how the cops would respond.

I am so thankful for Adam taking his time and being a good person to me. If I had any questions, he was always there – he even gave me his business card and said I could connect with him anytime I had a question or needed to talk. He took lots of time out of his days to try and talk to me and understand why I hated the cops.

I am grateful he still volunteers with our Me to We: Going Local group – five years later, and continues to work with the youth. I am happy knowing I get to see him at group and talk to him about anything. It’s great knowing he is always there – and never gave up on me – even when I tried pushing him away...and when others did give up on me. So, I think he should be recognized for everything he tries his best at to do, and for helping young people in this community.”

Mom also adds:
“Adam was a life saver to [name withheld], at a low-time in her life. Without the extra effort and time he put in to help her heal, I highly doubt she would have trusted the system to keep us safe last year, with her brother. I doubt she would have been able to call for help when we needed it. I am so grateful for Adam – as I had nowhere to turn, to help her trust the Police again. Without Adam’s help, our lives could have gone completely different.”

This young teen, her mom and the Me to We: Going Local Group at Family & Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region are so grateful to Constable Metcalf for his continued dedication and long-term commitment to our youth in Waterloo Region. We are very grateful for Adam, whom continues to volunteer his own personal time, away from family and personal life, to represent Police Services in our community.

Constable Metcalf continues to build positive relationships within the community, strengthens mutual trust, respect and communication, by being a mentor and asset builder to youth. He also inspires new recruits to join him in visiting our programming and working with young people to see the importance of their role as Police Officers in our community and building positive connections.

Constable Metcalf is an Unsung Hero – both on and off duty. He is an adult ally, advocate and champion to youth – whom are our future leaders! We hope he can be recognized for the great work he does! "It's the little things we do - that are often the BIG things... in the life of a child."