Aaron Casselman

I nominate Ottawa Police Service Officer Aaron Casselman for Service Beyond the Call of Duty. On February 17, 2021, my home was broken into during the day by a former acquaintance who acted violently in the past towards me. This individual left a cell phone charger and other possessions in my home, prior to my requesting that he leave the day prior. I informed the individual that he was required to have a member of the OPS accompany him to retrieve his possessions. 

Instead, he showed up on his own, screaming profanities and kicked my metal front door in. A hardwood one inch dowel that I placed across the doorway secured by a handrail on the wall was the only way I was protected from an attack on my person. I was terrified! I suffer from past violent experiences and am on medication for PTSD. I made the individual aware that I called 911, but he did not care! Officer Casselman handled the situation in a professional, calming, compassionate, respectful manner. I was so distraught that I could not complete the incident report. The Officer assisted me and assured me that I was again safe in my home. I am a Senior, on my own, that suffers from several physical health issues. Thank you.